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Yoga of Life

Hi, my name is Selina and with my project, Yoga of Life, I share my love and passion of Yoga with the world.


One morning I woke with the words in my mind  “Life is about lifting and uplifting”.

Lifting ourselves to even higher places of love, joy and gratitude and helping others to expand to grow and lift their vibration, so we can walk together even happier in love and compassion.


Yoga offers me this lifestyle of, growing, evolving and moving into more love and presence, so I can live my life fully, with every breath I take. The practice of Yoga, gave me more than I could have ever dreamt of and I am excited about sharing my passion of Yoga on and off the mat with you.

Yoga is much more than we might think after a few classes, it is an ever growing and evolving practice of a lifetime. It is Yoga of life.

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Follow your heart

& live your dreams

Foto: Andrei Jewell


My Intention is to support you on your personal journey wherever you are, by sharing from my own experience with heartfelt authenticity, open and present to meet you as you are.

Our intuition is our greatest instrument of guidance. I believe that through practice, we may reconnect and attune to our natural intuition, which is stored in the body and the heart. My aim is to guide you through the body toward this inner wisdom, to trust in your individual path and to find a deeper connection to yourself and to all life around you.

I enjoy the simple pleasures of life and I am grateful every day for what comes up seeing the ebbs, the flows and the turbulent nature of existence as my life long teacher. I wish to share my joy and gratitude, and learn from you as we explore the waves of life together. Like the amazingly beautiful lotus flower grows out of the mud and dirt, our most beautiful sides can bloom out of a bitter, muddy and heavy situation. It is the question how to find back to our centre again to connect to ourselves with our deep intuitive knowing, so that life can flow freely and with easy and joy.

My daily practice is to be present and appreciate life as the gift it is. To follow my hearts calling to where ever it guides me and inspire others through my actions.

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