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Foto: Andrei Jewell

Selina Clément

It`s only with the heart that we can see clearly.

Selina is an Internationally Certified Yoga teacher with over 800h of training in Yoga. She brings her combined knowledge of Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Massage and Dance into her unique style of teaching. Selina’s teaching style is calm yet energising, she focuses on the awareness of breath in order to stay present, and to connect deeply with your own personal rhythm. Using pranayama, meditation and asana sequencing, while incorporating the importance of postural alignment to facilitate a holistic practice for your entire being.

Meeting you wherever you are Selina focuses on both the inner and outer you. She supports you on your way to reconnect with your heart and inner guidance and to inspire you to follow your true passions in life. Selina sees the body as an instrument and a compass that guides us through life, therefore she is continuously looking for ways that allow us to listen deeper to ourselves and empower people to trust their intuition, expand and grow on their individual path, as she embraces her own spiritual journey, learning everyday to live from a deeper place of love.


As a Reiki Master and with her knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda Selina also works with the energy body and the Chakra system, to support you on your journey to balance and realign your physical, emotional, mental and energy body in order to live in more harmony with yourself and all life around you.


Finding the balance between strength and mobility, challenge and listening, freedom and stability - balanced life brings our whole being into a state of relaxation, a place from where our true power can rise. Selina uses her combined wisdom to support you on your personal journey where deep healing and expansive growth can take place. Guiding you through the body towards your inner wisdom. 

Reconnect with your true nature & remember who you are.

Selina Clement, Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Cacao Ceremonies, 5 Elements Dance

Foto: Andrei Jewell



September / October: 300h Yoga teacher training 500h RYT, with Jivani Yoga, Thailand

July: 200h Yoga Alignment teacher training & Yoga for therapy,  Luna Alignment Yoga, Thailand.

January: Thai Massage and Chi Nei Tsang with Sebastian Bruno -Co Founder Thai Vedic Yoga Massage


December:  Contact improvisation Dance Training, Goa, India

July:  Regression Therapy training with Ushma Prem


December:  Contact improvisation Dance Training, Goa, India

November:  7 weeks Iyengar Yoga immersion with Usha Devi at Omkarananda Ganga, Rishikesh, India


August:  Yin Yoga 50h training with Tina Nance - Jungle Yoga, Thailand

May: Reiki Master/Teacher Training with Esther Monden, Usui Shiki Ryoho

March: Shiatsu Massage with Jade Besset, Centre Hibiki

February: Cacao and 5 Elements dance Training with Daisy Kaye; Thailand

January: Reiki Level 2 with Paula Walsh, Thailand


December:  Reiki Level 1 with Paula Walsh, Thailand

April: 200h Yoga teacher training with Jivani Yoga, Thailand


2010 - 2013

September 2010 - 2013: Studies at Institut Innenarchitektur and Szenografie | Switzerland


2004 - 2008

2004 - 2008: Training as a decorater for exhibitions in the Museum of Cultures | Switzerland

Work experience


February: Visiting Practitioner for Yoga; Reiki and Massage at Huvafen Fushi Resort, Maldives



October - January 2019: Teaching Yoga, Workshops and giving Reiki and Regression-therapy sessions, at Orion Healing Centre and Wonderland

August - September: Teaching Yoga, Workshops and giving Reiki and Regression-therapy sessions at Orion Healing Centre

June: Yoga of Life yoga retreat in Ibiza, Spain

May - June: teaching yoga retreats for Pure Flow Yoga, Thailand

February - April: Visiting Practitioner at Huvafen Fushi Resort Maldives. 


May - October: Teaching Yoga retreats for Pure Flow Yoga. 

January - April: Teaching Yoga and giving Reiki treatments at Orion Healing Centre

2013 - 2015

Interior Architect and Exhibition Designer, 

Netwerch AG, Switzerland

Responsibilities: Project Manager and designer of exhibitions, assisting in architecture projects like the swiss pavillon of the world exposition 2015 in Milano, Italy


2008 - 2010

Decoration designer, MH Decors, Switzerland

Responsibilities: Design and production of displays for watch and jewellery exhibitions. Decoration of exhibition stands.





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