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Foto: Andrei Jewell

Meeting you wherever you are.

By knowing that we are already complete as we are, we can honour and love who we are now. For me Yoga is finding the balance between honouring where we are now and challenging ourselves to expand into even deeper places of our body, mind and soul. This requires a deep connection and attentive listening to our body and heart.

My teaching is gentle and calm yet strong and playful.


In the morning I practice and teach a stronger flow using Vinyasas  - connecting Asanas (postures) with the breath. Always starting with a meditation and Pranayama to get you out of your head and into the present moment.

Energising and dynamically flowing sequences are followed by slower and more grounding poses. The red thread of my teachings is to stay connected with our inner world through the connection to your breath and body as we find the balance between strength and mobility, challenge and listening, freedom and stability.


In the afternoon I teach a softer and slower flow choosing less standing Asanas and staying closer to the earth to ground the body and settle into the right mood for a calm evening (on weekends the intention might be different and we choose to drink cacao and dance).



Yin Yoga is a marriage of yoga and meditation. In this practice we choose mostly floor based Asanas (postures) and hold them for an extended period of time. Yin yoga accesses the fascia system of our body, also connective tissue, and allows the energy (chi or prana) to flow again freely through our body. This way of practicing starts on the body level and continues to work intensely with the emotional, mind and energetic level.

Also translated as the yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra is a practice that we do, as we lay relaxed on our back. But in this practice we don’t want to go to sleep, we want to stay awake and alert in the same time as our body and mind goes into a deep state of relaxation. Through this practice we can access deeper levels of consciousness – our subconscious and plant a seed for a change to take place or deep hearts desire to manifest.


sthira sukham asanam, steadiness and ease or structure and joy are both important components of every yoga pose. The base of every yoga asana are the hands and feet, correct allignment ripples up from the base where we are strong and grounded so we can enjoy freedom and ease in the upper body.

Foto: Andrei Jewell

My approach to teaching Yoga

Yoga Styles

Yin Yoga

Yoga Nidra

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