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Sophie, England, 2019

"I had the great pleasure of attending a full week yoga retreat in Koh Pangan, led by Selina. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I enjoyed every minute of it and it was a super special time to me.

Selina is very professional and experienced in so many ways. First and foremost I loved her yoga style. She always had a variety of flows at hand and made it interesting and challenging during every minute of each yoga lesson. Selina did a great job leading and her joy for yoga sparkles in every minute of her lessons. She teached me so many things and led the morning with passion and professionalism. Her chanting skills, the beautiful way she plays the singing bowls and her natural talent of breathing and living every aspect of yoga made it a great pleasure to participate in her teachings.
Overall every piece of the yoga retreat was done in a very professional & loving way - paying attention to even the smallest detail.

I couldn't have a greater experience at the retreat and I will definitely be back to another yoga retreat with Selina... anywhere and anytime.


Switzerland 2017

"Selina is a charismatic teacher, her calm presence and her love for yoga is a gift and carries over to her students. Her Yoga classes are unique, touching the heart, inspiring and energizing. She has the ability to feel her students and guide an individualized class, giving options for different levels. Like this beginners and advanced students can equally participate in her classes.


Starting the day with an energizing Vinyasa Flow I could recharge my batteries. In the evening followed gentle yoga classes like Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra to calm down and settle into the mode of the evening.

During this Yoga retreat I learned and remembered again to listen to my body, to relax deeply and let go of my everyday busyness and simply enjoy nature far away from the busy city life."


Switzerland, 2017

"Dear Selina,

We met two weeks ago on the Maldives as you gave me the Reiki session. Now I am back in Poland and I want to thank you so much for that session and our meeting. First of all it was a pleasure to meet such a shining person like you. Undoubtedly you have this magical aura around you which immediately can be immersed by others in your surrounding, bringing them well-being and a smile. Secondly, as I am experiencing the outcome of our Reiki session for many days now, I can simply say it was amazing. I feel entirely renewed and ma sleeping patterns, that I had problems with for several months before the treatment, are now finally back to normal…I am looking forward to learning much more from you and hopefully go through more Reiki sessions with you.

Best wishes"


Poland, 2018

We had a great pleasure to join Selina's yoga retreat twice already. And this fact alone is already a good indicator of how much we love it.


Selina is a great teacher and a wonderful person. There is an inner light in her and energy that enlights all participants and surroundings, creating a fantastic atmosphere during the retreats. She also is an excellent guide through yoga experience, philosophy, Vini and vinyasa practices and offers phenomenal yoga Nidra and reiki - bringing the feeling of relaxation, I am pretty sure you haven't yet experienced yet. 

We love to listen and learn from her. Each day practice is well-planned and different to correspond perfectly to the chakras and elements. With her, you always feel you can go out of your comfort zone, in a safe environment - no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner. We fell so grateful for those two retreats and looking forward to the next ones.



Agnieszka and Magda 

Poland 2019 

Brian, USA, 2019

Emeline, France, 2019

"Hey Selina,

Thank you so much for a beautiful, healing & safe space, to explore myself in movement, with great music and amazing cacao.  Your energy is so soft, confident and warm, allowing everyone to just melt in and express themselves so freely. You have a strong gift and I hope a lot of people will get to experience it. 
I was twice at your cacao & 5 elements ceremony and both times left with tears of gratitude in my eyes. Thank you so much & may your path be full of love."

Israel 2017

"Hi Selina

I must say I really felt my "solo yoga retreat" was the best way to start my journey. Thanks again for your classes. I really thought a lot about all I learned from you - and now that I am back in Paris I am really committed into my yoga practice. This retreat really made me realize that yoga was a essential to my balance! 


Thanks again for being an inspiring and blissful teacher and human being! It feels so good to meet someone that seems as fulfilled!"



France 2018

"That was not a Thai Massage, that was bliss! I had many Thai Massages but I never felt as relaxed and blissful as after the Massage with Selina. It was much more gentle and fluid but deep at the same time. Selina moved and manipulated my whole body so gracefully that I could completely let go."



Germany, 2018

"Hi Selina my dear,

I`m so happy I found you online. I love to think back to our yoga sessions at the Sanctuary in Thailand. You have such a beautiful and special way with people – almost magical!

Please let me know if you ever pass by Switzerland, I would love to see you again!"



Switzerland, 2018

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